30 Hotaling Building

Hotaling Partners, LLC

Originally built as a warehouse in 1933- 1934, the 30 Hotaling Building was later used to show and sell antiques.  In 1998 it received a complete seismic upgrade, new electricity, updated HVAC, a new lobby and new kitchens and bathrooms on all four office floors.  Tusker Corporation purchased the building in 2005.


"If, as they say, God spanked this town for being over-frisky, why did he burn the churches down and save Hotaling's whiskey?"  This is written on a plaque at the north end of Hotaling Place.  It refers to the 1906 Fire and Earthquake when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers ran a one-mile long fire hose over Telegraph Hill to put out the fires that threatened San Francisco's whiskey warehouse district (now Jackson Square).  Most of the whiskey was saved, but churches in other parts of town burned to the ground...  Hotaling Place is also famous for the wavy line down its center.  This shows the approximate location of San Francisco's original shoreline.  Everything east of this line is landfill.

Today Hotaling Place is in the shadow of the TransAmerica Pyramid and is home to several antique dealers and several new residential condominium projects.