Contact Us

Please contact us by mail, phone, fax or email.  Our main number provides 24-hour live assistance to tenants. 

In an attempt to avoid SPAM, we do not list our email addrress or provide email links on this Web site. 

Tusker Corporation

3636 Buchanan Street

San Francisco, CA  94123

tel. (415) 563-2500

fax  (415) 563-4964





 We do not list our email addresses or provide email links on this website to avoid spammers.  

But you can easily figure out how to email us.  We are:  rwalther, cbarr, cputnam, ereyff and peter all followed by tuskercorp dot com.   

Roger O. Walther

Chairman and CEO

(415) 563-2500


Candice Barr

Office Manager

(415) 292-3614


Chris Putnam

Financial Manager

(415) 292-3611


Elaine Reyff

Asset Manager

(415) 292-3609


Peter Scott

Property Manager

(415) 292-3623