The Hotaling Studio


The Lower Level at 30 Hotaling Place (one block north of the TransAmerica Pyramid) had been vacant for several months when our broker suggested that we "hang a few paintings and install a few light fixtures" to make the space "show" better.  The 6000 square foot former art school features a 2000 square foot gallery.  The rest of the space was used for art and photography studios, a dark room, a kitchen as well as men's and women's showers (prior to the art school, the lower level housed a gym in the 1990s).

So, with three weeks time (in November 2010) and a budget of $300, the Hotaling Studio was born.  I created eight original works for the show and brought three from home, including "a tratar" (below, left of "Mirror"), "Ben" (a slightly more disgusted version of our current $100 bill's Ben Franklin) and "Golden Quintych".  Unencumbered by any expectations and with no illusions about my skill, I quickly turned the space into something that looks almost like a real art gallery.  Then, to my astonishment, two of the pieces sold and a custom work has been commissioned.

To see the show contact Peter Scott at 415-292-3623 or    

"Tryptic4CP" sold to a local collector and is being replaced with 
a triptych using the same colors in an different design.
"Mirror" (not for sale) greets visitors as they enter.  The collage is
photographs of famous and not-famous people looking at them-
selves in the mirror.  The mirror was salvaged from the old Cyprus
Club around the corner on Jackson Street.
"1958" which features the Coast Guard Academy Quarterback from 
1958 and Ford Motor Company car colors from 1958 was sold to 
a local football fan.  "Pam" to the right is a work in progress.  
"Untitled" (to the left of "1958") looks deep into the eye of a Bichon Frise.

"Great Balls of Fire" happened by accident when  - desperate
to finish the show - I found three red Christmas ornaments in a 
recycling bin.  "Golden Quintych" is partially in view to the right.

There are 10 pieces in the "permanent" exhibit and one wall that 
changes every several weeks as I continue pumping out this crap.

By mid-October, 2011 the new Black and White Gallery will be 
complete.  In association with our commercial real estate agent 
Anne Lawrence at Alain Pinel Realtors - 
triptychs and installations are in the works.                                       (415) 292-3623