The Gas Light Building

Tusker Corporation's Headquarters in San Francisco's Marina District

The Gas Light Building was built by The San Francisco Gas and Light Company in 1893.   Electricity quickly replaced coal gas, PG&E absorbed the smaller gas companies and used the building as offices and storage for the next six decades.  In 1958  Merryvale Antiques took over the building, renovated the garden and built the Greenhouse at 3620 Buchanan.  In 1980 it became the headsquarters of Pacific Union Real Estate.  It was purchased by Roger O. Walther in 1998.  A complete sesimic retrofit and renovation was completed in 2000 by Plath & Company

Tusker Corporation occupies the front portion of the building and PG&E occupies the back portion of the building with its entrance at 1593 North Point.

Accompanying the retrofit and resotration of the Gas Light Building and gardens, the Walthers commisioned Gray Brechin and the late J.S. Holliday to research and write a book about the history of the Marina District, the coal gas industry and the Gas Light Building.  A Place of Light and Power was published by Tapestries Publishing in 2000.  Watch this site for a link to a complete download of the book including all 16 historical photos and maps.


Driving Directions from GG Bridge

Driving Directions from Bay Bridge

The San Francisco Gas and Light Company Building

- circa 1893 - as it appears today.